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Les tsiganes luli et les lurs persans. Lurs are an Iranian people living mainly in western and south-western Iran. Their population is estimated at around five million. Almost everyone in Iran is Persian.

Lurs are a mixture of aboriginal Iranian (Aryan) tribes, originating from Central Asia.

Lur: Lur, any member of a mountain Shīʿite Muslim people of western Iran numbering more than two million. In the central and southern Zagros live the Bakhtiaris and the Lurs , two groups that speak Luri, a language closely related to Persian. But then again, even the Kurds consider themselves Iranian Kurds. Arabs invaded in 6CE, introducing Islam, though the Lurs retained their language.

Lur women have much greater freedom than is usual in Iran , though this . Iranian Lurs Genetic Diversity: An Anthropological View Based on HLA Class II Profiles. Lurs were another important element of .

Khans and Shahs: A Documentary Analysis of the Bakhtiyari in Iran. Although males may volunteer for military service from the age of 1 Iran also uses. Iranian photographer Marzieh Soleimani recently captured a Lor wedding. But there are other reasons why it is unlikely that Iran will go the way of the.

A total number of 1individuals from Iran (Persians, Lurs and Kurds) were analyzed for autosomal SNPs using PCR, SBE and capillary electrophoresis. Cultural Survival Quarterly 9:165–69. Amanol(l) ahi (Baharvand), S. Iran : Information on an ethnic group called Lor (Lur). The country enjoys a mix.

Study, and Iran : Travel Survival Kit, provide general information on the Lors ( Lurs ) in Iran. Lurs (also Lors, Lurish: لور, Persian:لُر) are an Iranian people living mainly in western and south-western Iran. Luristan (or Lorestan), province in West Iran. A note on ethnicity and ethnic groups in Iran.

Iran is located north of the Caspian Sea with Russia to the north, Iraq and Turkey to. CiteSeerX – Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Background: HLA genes are highly polymorphic and certain alleles are frequent.

Empire (the first Persian Empire), which started in South Iran and. Lurs are one of the major Iranian ethnic groups inhabiting along the central . This happened with such uniformity in Lorestan that I knew Lurs are different. They are proud of their ancestry, and most of them speak their own language called Lurs.

He said being composed of various tribes is an excellent feature of Iranian nation , and added that Bakhtiari tribe and Lurs are among the best and the most loyal . Analysis of autosomal SNPs in three ethnic groups from Iran : Persians, Lurs and Kurds.